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VAT Declaration

It’s time for the VAT return

Because we strive for as paperless administration as possible, we would like to receive your administration digitally. We sent everyone special email addresses that belong to your personal digital mailbox at our office. If you have not yet started using it, we would like to request that you do so. If you would like some additional explanation, please give us a call.

Please note that the VAT must be submitted AND paid by the end of every VAT-month (April, July, October and January). So please be sure to send the documents on time, we would like to receive everything by the 7th of every month at the latest.

Correction VAT declarations

Failure to provide all kinds of documents often leads to the need to submit an additional CORRECTION VAT DECLARATION after the end of the quarter or the end of the year. Since this results in a lot of extra work for us, we charge an amount of €82,50 excluding VAT for this additional VAT return. A correction is required  if the correction amounts to €1.000 or more. Below this amount, the correction may be carried forward in the following quarter. After the end of a financial year, we always make a correction, even under the €1.000. Therefore, please make sure the administration is complete.

As a reminder, a summary of what is required in any case for a complete declaration:

  • Bank statements with a BEGIN and an END balance (a print screen from internet banking is not sufficient) Indeed, contacts with the Tax and Customs Administration have shown that, IN spite of the bank connection that we have with many of you, it is still mandatory to present ORIGINAL bank statements, on paper or as a PDF, to be kept in the administration. Do you want to add these too?
  • If your bank account is not connected to Exact Online, please also send us (next to the PDF statements) the bank statements in MT940 format;
  • Cash sheets (self-written or maintained in Excel) Note: Does your closing balance match what is in your portfolio?
  • Purchase invoices, pin receipts etc.. If you pay cash by refueling make sure you also use a savings card that is in your name, only then the VAT is also deductible. And make sure that we always receive the original invoices with VAT specification. Reminders and order confirmations are not accepted by the tax authorities.
  • Sales invoices;
  • Receipts from restaurants etc. can be deductible, but ONLY if it states with what BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP has been eaten/drunk;
  • Please do not send us print screens, but PDF documents instead. If a picture is taken of a receipt, make sure that the actual size of the file is retained, so that the receipt is still readable for us;
  • All other correspondence, for example tax assessments, etc.

The following only applies to the last declaration of each year. (4th quarter / December)

  • The value of the stock at December 31th;
  •  You will receive an interest overview for the previous year for your lease
    contract(s) in January or February. Would you like to forward it to us after
    receipt? We need this to complete the administration;
  • Please note that we need all purchase and sales invoices with a date in 2023. Even if
    they have not yet been paid/received. The absence (and later delivery) of these invoices can result in a correction VAT declaration;
  • Do you have a company car and do you not drive it privately (or drive it less than
    500 km per year)? You are then obliged to provide a balanced mileage
    registration or to have submitted a declaration of exclusive business use to
    the tax authorities. in all other cases I will process an addition + VAT
    correction for private use in the administration;
  • Did you apply for a subsidy yourself in 2023? Such as the TEK, for example. Then
    provide us all the documents.
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